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Нож Восток Орех
Нож Восток Орех
Нож Восток Карельская березаНож Восток Наборная кожаНож Восток Наборная береста

‘Vostok’ knife


General length: 240 mm,
Blade length: 130 mm,
Blade width: 35 mm,
Blade spine width: 3,0 mm.

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Product Description

It is a small knife with a blade length of 130 mm and butt thickness of 3 mm.

The blade has the shape of a yataghan that adds strength and ergonomics to the knife.

The form of the handle is slightly curved for the ease of handling making it easy to manipulate the knife.

The heel of the blade at the base of the handle replace s the stopper and does not allow slipping off the fingers.

The knife is ideal for any trips on the nature for both tourists and hunters.


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