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Нож Финка-2 Орех
Нож Финка-2 Орех
Нож Финка-2 Наборная кожаНож Финка-2 Наборная берестаНож Финка-2 Карельская береза

‘Finka-2’ knife


General length: 245 mm,
Blade length: 130 mm,
Blade width: 18 mm,
Blade spine width: 2,4 mm.

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Product Description

The legendary ‘Finka’ knife, the ideal knife of the Great Patriotic War and the imperial times, with a straight narrow blade and a long narrow handle. It is the embodiment of historical importance and universal application of the knife.

The narrow long blade with a width of 2.4 mm  is equipped with a dale for added rigidity. The handguard is moderately high and two-sided with reverse bending. Despite the thin smooth handle, the knife is specially balanced with a help of a special insert on the pommel.

The knife can be actively used in absolutely any environment in the woods, as well as be given as a memorable gift to any soldier, sailor or servant of various kinds of units.


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