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Нож Атаман Кожа гравировка
Нож Атаман Кожа гравировка
Нож Атаман Береста Золочение

‘Ataman’ knife


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Product Description

For all hunters, tourists and lovers of outdoor recreation hunting knives play an important role. We offer you a carving knife “Ataman”, made of high-quality and reliable materials. This knife, despite its small dimensions, combines all the functions of a full blade. It is indispensable in the campaign, at a picnic, at home, in the country and on the hunt.

The handle of the knife is made of nutwood, combined leather or birch bark. Taking a knife in hand, the owner immediately feels a pleasant warmth and confidence. Due to the peculiarities of the knife it is almost impossible to injure a hand while butchering or cutting. The cutting part of the knife is made of the most durable and reliable materials – steel and Damascus. The blade is always sharp, and it can be very easily and quickly sharpen if necessary.

General length 345±10,0;
Blade length 215±5,0;
Blade width 5,0±0,5;
Steel ЭИ-107 ТЦ (40х12с2м ТЦ
HRC 56-58


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