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Zlatoust is the city of artists. A city with more than two hundred years of history of manufacturing of cold steel and adorned arms known in Russia since the Tsarist times.

In order to establish the production of arms the best craftsmen from Europe were invited in Zlatoust of those times, namely, masters of the German city of Solingen.

Zlatoust arms factory, founded back in 1815, was the only state enterprise in the country now, which used to equip the army, at first, the Russian one, and then, the Soviet one.

During the years of the First World War, it had produced more than 600 thousand sabres, swords, and cavalry pikes.

During the Great Patriotic War, our army has received about 1 million army knives called ‘the black knives’.

These knives have become the hallmark of the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps.

In 1945 at the Victory Parade, all the participants were armed with Zlatoust cold steel arms.

Since 1829, Zlatoust engraving has been repeatedly receiving high appreciation and awards at the international exhibitions:

London, 1851 – bronze medal; London, 1862 – silver medal; Paris, 1867 – two silver medals; Vienna, 1873 – silver medal; Philadelphia, 1876 – two silver medals; Paris, 1878 – gold medal; Chicago, 1893 – large bronze medal; Stockholm, 1897 – gold medal.

Today there are more than 10 large-scale production sites of knives, adorned arms, and other articles of the Zlatoust masters in Zlatoust.

On our website the best representatives of Zlatoust are collected expressing many years of experience in creating high-quality works of the art of knives.

A hill made of arms in the Arsenal Museum of the Zlatoust plant, 1910

Carpenters shop for the manufacture of sheath of Zlatoust arms factory, 1910